Friday 2 May 2008

Franziska 's TCF's captured on paper by Gardai Sketch Artist

Franzika Tanner on her posting was inquiring what a TCF (Travel Curse Fairy) would look like and posited that I might know. Well I didint but I know a chap that does. His name is Kevin and he works for the An Garda Síochána - SPG (Special Pixie Group). He was able to furnish me with these likeness of the two likely suspects last seen heading out of Shannon Airport on the same flight as Mr Paul Mooney. Thankfully (for Paul) they never ever effect the flights they travel on!

They are referred to in Irish Traveller circles as "The FUTILEs" (F**K Up Travel Irish Leprechaun Like Entities) Should you see them STAY well away as the slightest annoyance and you will have a 2 hours delay because the gudgeon-pin that holds the doobry do will have worked its way loose and the plane cant take of without it OR you luggage could end up in Timbuktoo.

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