Friday 2 May 2008

News you may have missed #4

The way to a man's heart is through his ...
his ear or so this article in newsweek would appear to suggest .. the era of natural orifice surgery is underway.

Hip hip hurrah! this writer exclaims, or would if some mad Doctor chappie wouldn't take it as an invite to give me a new hip via the nearest orrifice and there are two very dear to me that no-one is sticking a hip replacement thru.

The controlling body is called.. wait for it.. NOSCAR (Natural Orrifice Surgery consortium for Assessement and research) now there is a mistake waiting to happend!

GFA Style car chase on Osaka, Japan

Now this is what I call a real car chase! 2460 cops, 430 cop cars and 1 helicopter ! How many points would you get for that??

Staying in the land of the rising sun...

Does this civil servant have RSA in his wrist or WHAT?

A civil servant in Tokyo was demoted..(note not fired ...demoted!) for accessing porn sites 780,000 times during office hours in a 9 month period. Over three quarters of a million lustful leerings with very probable accentuated trouser tightness and his colleagues didn't notice!
What can you say ? Well lets see.. 9 months thats say 250 x10 hour working days which is 2500 hours, thats 312 and hour or 5.2 naughty sites a minute! Bloody hell when did he do any work???
Five porn sites a minute for 10 hours straight ??? the man is superhuman!!!

Be safe Be Happy Behave!

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