Monday 25 February 2008

V8 LOCK screen

All you nice folk out there who are on V8 or V8.01 do you have a way back to the naff Politically picture that appeared when you hit F5 (now CTRL+F5) or when the client session timed out?

We have a potential SOX compliance issue of not leaving things on the screen when you wander off. the V7's - F5 was a beauty and fitted the policy like a glove. Now the users need to remember to go somewhere innocuous on the client and then lock their systems. Not a show stopper .. but if anyone has a suggestion it would be very welcome.


Mika Heinonen said...

When I leave my workstation, I always hit the Windows+L key combination. It locks the whole Windows, instead of just Notes (or multiple simultaenous Notes).

Steve McDonagh said...


Good Point! All I need to do is train the users to do it...LOL... the great thing about the old F5 key was that you got the same picture if you wandered off and forgot to lock your session. Putting on a timed based screen saver with a password is an option we looked at initially back when SOX reared it's ugly head but all the applications came with adequate admin provisioned versions of the same thing so we went down that route.

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