Thursday 28 February 2008

I soooooo want one .... NOW!

Go here and drool , well if you like very very very fast things that aren't planes,
do 340mph and get 100mpg at 100mph (get the green bit in).. I have to have one! After twenty [cough] years of marriage I am sort of entitled to 3 seven year itches, could I persuade her?


Anonymous said...

Yes...absolutley buy a new bike but get a Harley. You won't regret it.

Curt said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

No harm to harleys lovely bikes... but had one and I grew to hate it.

I live not far from the north Atlantic and I ride everyday in life. My abiding memory of Harley
ownership is they are to prone to looking like s**t if you dont spend 2 hours cleaning the beast after a 15 mile return trip to the shop for a pint of milk and 20 cigges.

Not only that Harleys do well in the avenues of Dublin or Belfast but up here in the north the roads are tight and very bendy. Harleys, (god bless em) are are mile crunching tottie magnets and are not back road scratchers for hooligans like me. .o0(apart from buells but they are like hens teeth over here)

Mind you a 300+ mph bike would be equally unsuited to the roads, but I have done the harley thing...i havent done the 300 mph thing.

PS I have a Kawa ZZR12 at the minute. Ridden around 300 days a year, 5 years old and 80,000 miles on the clock.

Lars Olufsen said...

I'm just wondering exactly WHERE one could go 340mph in a fiberglass coffin on wheels??

One gust of wind, and you're incredibly DEAD!

(Does pump some adrenaline though) ;-) said...


:) Thats why it has Stabilizers!!!!

The flying mile into Portrush is good for 210mph and were it not for the chicane at the Magherboy you should be able to get at least the triple tone, stopping would be fun ... have a look at
Im the last one of the group of 3 : 00:11 ;) said...

opps sorry forgot to tag that

Mika Heinonen said...

Actually a SkyCar is better, because it can also fly, and travel at higher speeds. They are quite cheap nowadays: said...

Now i want that as well !!! :D


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