Wednesday 27 February 2008

Another Server up on V8.0.1 - Problem with backup (resolved)

3 down .... 14 to go.
For those of you interested in such things the server is a X3400 Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor E5430 2.66 GHz with 4Gb of RAM. Running Windoze 2003 Server. Upgrade was from V7.0.2 to V8.0.1 and the NAB has approx 5000 folk in it. (The nab was already at V8.0.1 prior to upgrade) from server down to up again took just under an hour.

This one gave a wee bit of concern because this is one of the backup servers that actually takes archival stuff off to near-line storage and tape. We were told the backup software would work fine and we did some tests on a small test server and it seemed to go OK. However on the production server the backup just stopped, refused to cancel and resolutely refused to eject the tape unless the server was rebooted.

We use Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers revision 7170 with Service Pack 1.

A trawl thru the symantec support found this and this although this does not reference V8.0.1 we were at a loss to find another solution so popped on Hotfix 28 and the problem appears to be resolved.

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