Monday 11 February 2008

Nifty-Fifty Redux

Reading this on Chuck Dean's blog brought it all flooding back. Those heady days of migrating 30 cc:Mail users to Notes 3 on a sever with 512M of memory ... ooh sweet nostalgia ...

However what a good idea! Let us bring back the "Nifty-Fifty" there have to be enough of us older notes geeks and uber geeks out there with ideas and half written apps that need a good home. In the V5 V6 V7 real slight tarnished by age world as well as the new shiney V8 world were all is sweetness and light ;)

I am putting my thinking head on as I sit here and I have several ideas ... perhaps this weekend (if SWMBO does not have me painting the hall) I will put something together ...

More Later

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