Sunday 24 February 2008

Never ask an Irish man to tell you his deep and sensitive thoughts.

There is a very good reason for the title of this Blog entry.. you should never ask this question of an Irish male because generally he wont have any .. well that is not strictly true, he will have but they will be mainly deep and sensitive thoughts about himself.

The idea for this wandering thought came to me in the post match thirst-quenching session . (The match in question was Ireland vs Scotland 6-nations rugby .. we won .. sorry Bill) There we were, maintaining the fiction that should the Irish Rugby Football Union have rung we would have stubbed out or ciggies, downed the last dregs of our current pint, thrown on the green jersey and taken to the field and shown those young whippersnappers how rugby should be played. The conversation turned to the current captain and official Irish-"tottie magnet"-in-chief Brian O'Driscoll and how it would be rather nice to be him for a few days. A general consensus was reached that yes it would be rather fun. One of our number, a single gentleman, articulate, bright and relatively rich was the only dissenting voice. Had he pranged his Porsche? Was he not able to fit in his skiing trip to the Alps this year? Had his portfolio sustained substantial losses?
No, twas his girlfriend....
"She is clever than me" he told us, grimacing into his Guinness, "She earns more money that me. she's more interesting that me. She can explain the offside rule in soccer and damn it she is hornier than me! ... So sod being Brian O'Driscoll I would much rather be a woman!"

The world turns and the weird just gets weirder.

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