Sunday 17 February 2008

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Bout Ya!

A lovely Sunday morning the sun shines and there is a warmth to the proceedings that hints at springness. :) Being involved in the arts (on an amateur basis) I was having a look at some arts related sites and came across this...

Apen Discoorse

Tha Airts Cooncil o Norlin Airlann haes trystit a Wechtin an Waants Spierin o tha Airts o Airisch an Ulstèr-Scotch. A hinnèrmaist Fynnin is jist new gat an ower tha monds incumin, tha Cooncil is fur pittin ower tha fynnins tae tha Airisch an Ulstèr-Scotch leid shaidins tha baith, forbye tae tha hale feck o resydentèrs.

The’r fur fettlin a rin o gaitherins fur apen discoorse an tha Cooncil is fur awnin straucht wi tha effeirin curns an boadies thir lane. Wurd o thae gaitherins wull be gien oot wi advert?semenn forbye.

Tha Cooncil wud be hairt-gled o aa scrievit repones tae tha Fynnin gin Frideh 15 Uptober 2004.

Ye’ll can hae scrows o tha fu Fynnin, forbye tha Throchin Jimp Wittins in Airisch an Ulstèr-Scotch, frae (PDF) ur frae tha awnin boadie condescendit oan ablow. Gin ye spier, ye’ll can hae this rede in tha follaein lay-oots forbye: Bäg Prent, Computèr Däsk, Soon Tape an Braille.

We’d be ableeged gin ye’d lat ken gin ye wad hae a fen furtae inpit a repone.

Now you may be wondering if this is in English well it is and it isnt. This is the "offical" Ulster-Scots dialect that we heathen northern irish speak. Not the soft brogue of the Paul Mooney's nor the casually rolled R's of Will Bill Buchan's of the world. This is proper spak nane o this nansence spak forby heddins.

It has long been my aim to port javascript to Ulster-Scots and coming across this has stiffened my resolve to move this one step further to realization. JavaSlabber V1.0 is now officially in developement!


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