Tuesday 19 February 2008

NiftyFifty - I have finally started something

After my comversation with Chuck re the niftyfity on lotusmb
Having been delayed by a recalcitrant server at work and the start of a major project I eventually got around to starting to think about what Chuck#s suggestion should look like. He thought that a simple something that fell between a blog and a wiki.

I started with the front end UI yesterday and have a fair bit of the HTML and JS sorted at least in my head. You can have a look at the rough start i have made here
Please note the following..
1. This is not yet "notesed" it is a static page with a 1000 record data island and some JS
2. You can log on either as admin with a password of admin or as user1 with a password of user1
however nothing much will happen other than the menu bar changing :)
3, The navigation buttons dont work yet.. but the search selects do and number of records per page do if you click on the arrow that points right after the selects

Have a look see.. and if this grabs your fancy as an idea for a nifty-fifty app let me know.. infact let me know if you hate it as well... LOL...


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