Tuesday 12 February 2008

ILUG 2008 dates announced


Mr Mooney and the rest of the team have ILUG 2008 on the go .. no details as yet just the dates See Here.

Was very nearly tempted to sign up as a speaker, I think I would be able to chat for at least an hour on the joys of localising the Notes Mail client so that it was compliant with the good Friday agreement and was translated into UlsterScots

Or "The pitting o the mither tang inta collaboreayshun" project as it more fondly known.

I was going to call my fully illustrated session "Lets tuk a wee dannèr in till the wunnerful lan a collaboreaysshun" with musical accompaniment from the Macosquin Fiddlers and their whistling sheep. However I fear the Lotus world is not yet ready for the dizzy heights of such excitement so I think I will wait another year before unleashing the power of "JavaSlabber" into the general population.

For example.. the "Try ... Catch" Statement becomes

HayAGo{.........}NayItsBajaxed(e) { ... }

Fun Init? :)

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