Monday 4 August 2008

GONAD News - More and More countries join the flock.

GONADs all be upstanding! We have some new O's to welcome to the fold.
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Scotland (home of NotesBeer(tm))
All now have their Worshipful Grand Dragons!

The keyboard has been red hot here in GONAD Central compiling lists and getting Certificates out to new members I do apologize for any delays but the response has been startling!

I would also like to welcome associate member Kitty Elsmore who was by popular demand inducted into the sisterhood for services to GONADs above and beyond the call of duty, that and an endless supply of Kola Bottles and Flumps!

It should be noted that the ancient and much respected motto of the Order has just been discovered in a pile of parchment from the dark ages (ie made up or found in my sock drawer)
"Erectus ilico fortitudo tumulus administratio Migrus-mollis solo flange!"
Which may or may not be something entirely unlike Latin.
It means "Standing on the moral high ground giving Microsoft the finger!"

Please be aware that I can't fiddle with GONADs during work so if you want to join it will be the evening before I can get around to it. BTW there isn't a closing date, membership is open to all notesy domino folk and they can join whenever. If you are worried about reprisals from ARSE (Acolytes of Redomond's Sharepoint and Exchange) , your membership will remain secret unless you tell me otherwise. So tell you friends, your colleagues we are officially a world wide network of GONADs!

"Keep 'em Snugg and free of FUD!"

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