Saturday 2 August 2008

Calling all Notesy folk - you are entitled to be a GONAD and can join today!

To all of my notes and domino readership you may not know this, but you can become a real and fully accredited member of GONAD (Geeky Order of Notes Admins and Developers) today! You get a lovely certificates of membership! Current Members include me and Paul Mooney and an application has flooded in from Norway no less!

Don't be left out become a GONAD today! Drop me a mail to get a personalized Certificate of membership, it is that simple and best of all it's free :-) so become the envy of your M$ colleagues become a GONAD member today!

** Update #1 ** GONAD is open to ladies as well as gentlemen

** Update #2 **
There has been a brisk membership uptake and now you will find GONADs chapters in the following countries. America, Austria,Ireland,Germany, Portugal, Holland, England, Switzerland and Norway. I am off to bed now so any one wants to be a GONAD send me a mail/comment (don't forget to tell me the country you are in) and I will process you tomorrow (Sunday) :-)

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