Wednesday 6 August 2008

Fireman Sam will save the universe at CERN

Gentle reader I was browsing TWITTER and came across this link from fellow GONAD Simon Scullion. They are really amazing piccies from the building of the biggest geek toy every made The Large Hadron collider. This will allow men in white coats to play sub atomic "Conkers" with itty bitty pieces of matter! Now the chaps that suck their pencils and do very very hard math assure us they know what they are doing and I am sure they do but when you get this close to the edge of what we as a species know there will be those who get worried. Now I am not in the least worried but there are some nay sayers that argue that the LHC should not be turned on.

However should a runaway black hole, stranglet or magnetic monopole develop NEVER FEAR , for this chap will rush to stop any nastiness spreading and destroying the universe!

*** Disclaimer *** I am not taking the piss out of fire and rescue people who do a dangerous and are heros on a daily basis. However you would think a project the size of LHC with all the funding they have would have given him something ... i don't know... less like a TONKA toy!

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