Saturday 2 August 2008

First Northern Ireland LotusBeer(TM) an unqualified success

Ah now gentle readers it is with very very very quiet keypresses that I type this post!

Myself, Mr Paul Mooney, Mr Geoff Higgins were joined by 4 other dedicated notes professionals, who I neglected to ask if it was OK to post about (best to be discrete in case they had said they were "working late" or other subterfuge)

The main order of business was the launch of the Northern Ireland lodge of GONAD (the Geeky Order of Notes Admins and Developers). All attendees of the inaugural meeting received a certificate to mark the occasion. (click for a bigger image)

Mr Mooney was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that on all those occasions when he had been referred to as a GONAD (he hinted that this may have been much more than once!) was in fact some fellow brethren of the Yellow Box trying to make contact. He wishes to send an apology to all those he may have ignored or growled at. Sadly this "Damascus Road" moment did nothing for his stature ... he is still officially "not tall". Mr McDonagh modeled the official GONAD dress shirt which Mr Mooney took a iconongraph of on his iPhone you can see it here.

It was generally agreed that the Notes 8 family should be recognised with the highest honour GONAD can bestow so the "Dog's Bollocks" award will be dispatched to MaryBeth and her team by first post on Monday.

Apologies were heard from Mr Buchan, Mr Coates,Mr. Quaresma, Ms Fitsgerald and Mr. Pereira who were unavoidably detained and the assembled Brethern and Sistern did clink several glasses of ceremonial cordial in the honour of all absent GONADs.

It was suggested that we co-ordinate with our brethern and sistern in the London and Aberdeen lodges to have a Notes Beer "GONADs on tour" weekend at some time in the future. Heads will be scratched and a report will be forthcoming in due course.

Sadly the hoped for video link was not possible as The Crown Bar is a very very efficient Faraday cage and I couldn't get a fecking signal. A suggestion for wifi access has been passed to the management of the establishment on the back of a beermat, a crisp packet and a receipt for a Subway Sandwich purchased in Gatwick Airport in 2005. We hope they read the message in the correct order.

This being the first meeting there were no minutes of the previous meeting to be read into the record so we swiftly moved on the official chair throwing, which was particularly good. Mr Higgins scoring an all time record 21 points after the perfect execution of the the "Excuse-me-that-IS-my- hair-you-twonk-Buchan" 360 with 2 inward twists. Mr Ben Poole's previous record of this 9.997 rated throw was 16.916 but that was both altitude (standing on the bar) and wind (he had cabbage for lunch) assisted.

The naked dancing was called off because of (a) the sudden thunder storm outside and (b) the presence of a naked Mr Mooney would constitute a clear and present danger to the sensibilities to the many innocent non GONAD young ladies who happened to be present in the bar at the time due to the double booking of the front bar for GONAD and The East Belfast Ladies Van Morrison Appreciation and Pole Dancing Club.

There being no other official business the GONAD song was sung with gusto, the remaining ceremonial cordial was quaffed and the first ever GONAD Norn Iron Meeting was declared closed.

The next meeting will be held towards the end of September in a location yet to be announced.

PS .. Membership of GONAD is open to all current and past Domino Notes professionals both Admin and Dev. Drop me an email to receive you membership certificate.

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