Saturday 2 August 2008

The Chronicles of GONAD - The begining

Gentle reader now is the time, here on Dominoyesmaybe, to buck the trend and for one of the most secret of secret societies to come out of the closet and take it's rightful place in the world. Unlike Opus Dei, The Illuminati, The Microsoft Discount Hit Teams or even them Dharma project folk of "Lost" members of GONAD have a long, illustrious and coffee filled (or whatever stimulant you choose) history.

For too long the good folk of the Geeky Order of Notes Administrator and Developers have hidden their lights under a bushel. Now is the time to take our rightful place in the world! This is the GONAD story (part 1) ....

Long long ago

in a server farm

far far away

the dark FUD encrusted mists parted and a ray of sunlight cracked the gloom. The Ray is question was of the Ozzie variety and the sunlight was the appearance of Lotus Notes as an inkling of an idea, of a thought, of a "thats a good one" sub-type.

Mr Ozzie's glasses steamed up with the heat that this idea generated in his frontal lobes,as as result he did not see the spiral bound folder as he rushed from the now legendary and revered "lavatory seat of Oz" so that he might write down this idea for his genre defining collaborative tool. Alas and ALACK! he didst trip over the afore to mentioned spiral bound folder and went sprawling full length.

Yeah verily and thrice verily this was but the first time that Microsoft would cause pain in the realm of the GONADs for the tome in question was the MS-DOS Verion 3.1 User guide! A hated and yet strangely compelling list of eldrich and arcane commands for the taming of the silicon beast.

In the next installment of "The Chronicles" read in wonder about the birth of GONAD as it struggled to be formed in the fires of collaboration and tempered in the smithy of the mighty IRIS.

If you are or have been a Notesy geek you can now take you place as a proud GONAD without fear of persecution or molestation of any type. Laugh at your M$ colleagues secure in the knowledge that you have a lot of GONADs behind you and they do not!

Simply send me an email and you will receive your membership certificate by return.
This offer is open to lady and gentlemen geeks from around the globe and any offworld planets that pick up my RSS feed.

As time marches on GONAD will have it's own website and if I can find a company brave enough TeeShirts and for the gentlemen specially branded GONAD athletic supports!
Brother McDonagh from the USA branch has had similar thoughts we may even form a COMMITTEE. Look out for our stand at LS 2009. We will be wearing our GONADs with pride!

Oh an news just in... Acolyte Brother Robert Baehr is off and running with this .

So Brother and Sister GONADs remember the orders motto this Saturday Night- "Keep Them Snugg!"

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