Wednesday 29 April 2009

Standing on the shoulders of Giants and peeing down the back of their neck

Kevin Pettitt of noticed that some of the Noterati blog postings had been copied and pasted without attribution onto another blog. Now these were straight "copy and paste" ... not re-jigged or added to in anyway, honest to god copy and pretend they are original pieces.

Nip over to Kevin's Blog and have a read at the whole story

Now we all stand on the shoulders of Giants, some small hairy ones like Bill Buchan and some that have surgically attached baseball hats like Rob McDonagh. What we try to do by blogging is help each other by passing on useful tip, traps and other bits and bobs that might be useful to others. When we find a blog that has helped us we acknowledge the help and say "Thank You" and the next time we see that person we buy them a pint.

We do not climb of the shoulders of the giants and then pee down the back of their necks. It is just NOT done, it makes you look like a twonk and it annoys the giant (unless they subscribe to "golden showers for really big people monthly" and I am reliably informed that our Noteati giants are not like that at all!)


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