Wednesday 8 April 2009

Danger Danger Will Robinson! Upgrading to the V8.5 when you have QuickR connectors installed

A word of caution for anyone thinking of moving from Notes 8.0.2 client to the new 8.5 client if you have Quickr Connectors installed.

This occurred today and I have tried it on two PC's and the same symptoms appeared on both installs.

The Enviroment :-

OSs: XP Pro & Vista HP
Notes Client Before: Notes 8.0.2
Notes Client After: Notes 8.5.0
Quickr Server:
Quickr Connectors Before: buildnumber=ORC8.0.1 buildtime=20071002.0115

The Problem :-
Post install V8.5 when you try to attach a file to a Notes Document in the Client the client will crash just before the appearance of the Quickr Dialog that prompts you to choose between sending the attachment or sending a link. This crash will happen in both Standard and Basic client mode.

Oddly this does NOT happen on a clean install of the Notes 8.5 client.

Removing Quickr Connectors makes the problem go away, reinstalling the *.0115 quickr connector makes the problem come back.

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