Sunday 12 April 2009

One of our number is doing the Great Wall of China KUDOS!

One of our number Ms Eileen Fitzgerald a familiar face to anyone who has attended or spoken at ILUG. Her Clipboard signs such as "Please wind up your session as soon as possible" (*please note Eilleen's signs were shorter and way more pithy i have edited them to save Ms Fitzgerald's blushes). Any old how she is very keen on raising money for good causes. This year she is off on a sponsored walk along the great wall of china not all of it cause it is a wee bit on the very very long side of very long.

She paying for it all herself and asking the world to sponsor her chosen charity, which it one close to her heart. You can read Why here and also take the opportunity to give a few £'s or $'s to what is a very worthwhile charity!

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