Monday 2 March 2009

Introducing TiddlyWiki (well it was new to me!)

All .. i came across this a couple of weeks ago and it tweeked my inner geek. Anything that calls itself "a resuable non-linear personal web notebook" will make me cock an eyebrow and have a bit of an investigate.

Pop over to the tiddlywiki site and have a look see.
You can view TiddlyWiki files on all major desktop browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux and many mobile browsers such as the Apple iPhone and the Nokia 770/N800. You can save from all the major browsers (Sofaree and Oprah users need a wee plugin but IE and FF on winders saves changes after saying OK to an "are you sure message")

It is open source and really rather clever.

Config it in seconds bookmark it and you have a wiki style notebook that you can use on all of your tin to store your thoughts links and other stuff. I have it on my trusty ILUG08 memory stick, for those moments that server connectivity is just not possible.

It works .. I like it .. i am going to introduce it at work to see who likes it! Oh and have a look at the GTD variants like this one ...

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