Thursday 12 March 2009

Introducing the "Blue Skills" job site for IBMers

Okey Dokey.. here is a thing

Mr Mooney over at has just blogged a rather interesting prospect. He describes it way better than I will and with a lot less swear words. So take a trip over and have a look see both at Paul's post and at the beta site. Which Kevin Pettitt is currently trying to break.

To quote Paul
About a year ago, staff in Bluewave/BE Systems were discussing recruitment sites in general. Although mostly positive, the problems associated with them typically centred around inaccurate job specifications and vague applicant details. Also we noticed that there was a general inability to ask questions relevant to our specific areas of interest. We toyed with the idea of creating a dedicated careers site in the Big Blue field, focusing on finding the right people for the right jobs in our professional area.
Take a lookie see ;-)

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