Sunday 29 March 2009

I got a new toy this weekend and this is the first output

I got a new toy this weekend. It was meant to be for my Birthday which is next week but Amazon were a bit too good at delivering to Ballygobackwards ;-).

The Gadget in question is a new Wacom Bamboo MTE450KEN Pen Tablet and of course it had to be de-boxed and tested ... just in case it was faulty and had to go back. I am relatively new to using pen/tablets as user input devices. Some of my chums who are way more into digital graphics than i am swear by Wacom products, having said that they use the WAY more expensive ones. This particular one is only £60.00 BUT from my point of view so far (3 days) it is really eye opening what you can do with it.

So this is my first finished thing I have done with it.. using GIMP 2 ...

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