Saturday 20 December 2008

A mediation for the solstice

It is the 20th December, tomorrow is the solstice, the shortest day, when the pulse of the world reaches it slowest and then quickens imperceptibly. It is a time when we welcome the comming of the new year by remembering the passage of the old. Hopefully learning from our mistakes and looking forward to the ones we will make in the next 12 months. ;-)

This is the mid point in the ancient Celtic quarter of Samhain, traditionally a time when ancestors recent and far removed are remembered. All the seasons were, it is believed, mapped to an "age" of man. Samhain equates to "old age" a time when wisdom, freedom of spirit and clarity are at their height. So as winter turns and and looks forward to the returning warmth of the sun, perhaps we should do the same ... some thoughts on how I might to do that.

Practice introspection, mediate, contemplate or just take a quiet time once a day.

Shift my burdens by doing something about them or by giving up the unnecessary.

Remember my absent friends and family separated by distance or death and celebrate what they have brought to the person that is "me".

Go for a walk outside at least once a day and allow winter to cleanse me as it cleanses the hedgerows in preperation for the explosion of spring.

Renew the source of my creativity and try be creative in different ways.

To all my readers, friends, family and all those people I ranted at, scolded and waved fingers at this past year I send my wishes that you all have a peaceful, prosperous and joyful holiday of whatever flavour you follow.

2009 here we come ready or not! :-)



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