Thursday 4 December 2008

A Lotusbeer collaborative idea for 2009

Calling all LotusBeer'ers in the UK and Ireland.

I have a cunning plan for the relief of the post Lotusfear anticlimax - particularly for folks like me that can't go!

In the spring of the year what about a Tri-Nation Lotusbeer event. We have English, Scottish and Irish LotusBeers. (Is there a Welsh branch?) so it is only right and proper that we collaborate in some good natured national frolics.

I was thinking something along the lines of a team from each location plus supporters engage in some pub based sporting endeavour, some examples that jump to mind would be...

Yard of Ale
Dominoes (the slam on the table and swear a lot variety not installing servers)
Pie / Pickled egg eating

Needless to say a suitable venue would need to be found suitable for all the attendees.

I am willing to run with this on an organizational level cos it sounds like fun.

Ping me a comment with your thougths

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