Monday 1 December 2008

The Agony Auntie Spot - Banana Query

Here in Dominoyesmaybe we received this worrying query from an geek in an equatorial clime :-

Dear DominoYesMaybe
Perhaps you can help me? I have been observing monkeys out of the office window and you seem to an expert in chickens so I have a monkey related question you may be able to help me with. When monkeys fart does it smell of bananas?

Perplexed Geek

Well Perplexed Geek whilst there are plenty of chickens there are sadly no monkeys in Ireland so I did not feel my expertise was up to as complete an answer as you would expect from these hallowed halls. However I did ask a colleague Dr Noogerty McToogerty of Cork University's Advance Poo 'n' Piddle research lab and his response was to ask you a question in return in the hope that you will gain more from the experince than were you to get a straight one word answer... Over to you Dr McToogerty

"If you eat oranges solidly for an hour and then take a piss does it smell like you are an idiot?"

Fair Enuff?

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