Friday 10 October 2008

Strange Errors from 8.0.1 when creating a document from another document

Today was punctuated by news that the world was broke and the fact that I got the same really strange message twice in the same day from my Notes 8.0.1 client on my laptop. The error in question is "No document found in that direction" and it appeared when I tried to FORWARD a message.

Having just returned from my trip to Paris and being a little tired I took the message at it's most simpilist and tried turning the screen thru 90 degrees. However there was not document there either.

The first message came from my mail file I did a design replace as I like to fiddle with the design and it was very possible that I had broken it myself. I did a design replace and the error went away and I gave it very little more thinking cycles until it was reported at happening again in a very large app that workflows sample requests that we get from our customers and web site from the users I had recently upgraded in Paris. I went and had a look see on the dev server and yes the problem existed there too.

Basically there is a "parent doc" on which is a button that created as "child" response doc that inherits a few fields and presents the user with a new form. The code behind the form was simple.


I did some digging about on the web and there it was in the V8 forum sadly there isn't a lot iof detail and it seem that this is only addressed in the V8.5 not 8.0.2. Like the user who reported the problem I got around it by converting the action to LS, thankfully there are only a few inherited fields and they were relatively simple.

What is a tad worring is that the REPLY + FORWARD options in the mail file (the forward one crapped out on me today) aren't ones we as Dev's can get at.. so how did I get the error this morning and what did the design replace do to make it go away? Hmmmmmmmmm

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