Friday 3 October 2008

New Blog look 'n Feel

Well it is autumn (or fall if you prefer) and as the seasons change so doth my level of "comfyness" with my blog design. Having b**GG*red up the last one and succeeded in totally wrecking it I was pushed into getting out the CSS guide (thanks 2 Duffbert who pulled my name outa the hat during his session at ILUG 08) and I now have a CSS that is perhaps more ... professional.

For those of you that are wondering what the spirally shape is called a "triskele" there are plenty of reasons I could give for why i like it ... the proposed theory that it represents the tides of breath, the tides of life and death or the sea's restless toing and froing. Alternately very near where I learned to fish for Salmon, the "bann disc" was discovered and early iron age artifact that still has amazing grace and beauty even after 1000's of years. If you ever visit Belfast you can see it in the Ulster Museum which a pleasant diversion on a wet day!. Whatever the reason , for me it is a reassuring shape and as the world apparently slowly spirals down into chaos there is the home that like the Triskele we will all get would back up again for another go ;-)

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