Saturday 11 October 2008

Pictures of workspaces - an Art Project

Further to the pictures we have all been posting of our workspaces professional and not as the case may be. If may be interesting to note that my Canadian Cousin, Paul Litherland did a very similar think last year. He is an artist of some renown and specializes in photography.

On his last wander around the murky world of McDonaghs, Whites, Pages, Litherlands and other assorted branches of the family tree. He took photo's of our workspaces and plans to present them as a complete work...

To quote Paul ...

Family workstations is a documentary photographic project of how computers occupy space in the home. By photographing my relations computers, my intention is to highlight the durability or ephemerality of different types of networks. The works are titled using the relationship of the person to me, Paul Litherland, as well as the configuration of the computer.As time passes, the work will assume different positions /interpretations as the machines become obsolete, but the familial relationships endure.

The picture of mine was too ghastly to publish :-) he probably has to wait for his "R" rating.

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