Saturday 4 October 2008

My Home Office

As it seems there is a generally "showing off" of our our home geekspaces as evidenced by Theo's Blog where he has two lovely pictures of his Home office. I thought I would show the opposite side of the coin so to speak.

A. Yeah go PlanetLotus!!!
B. O'Reilly (yes really) Definitive Javscript Guide
C. Tigger Coffee Mug from yesterday or the day before
D. ILUG 2008 shiney thingie
E. "Wot do you mean it is bedtime?" verification device
F. Celion Dion CD case (i binned the CD in disgust)

G. New hard drive screw V1.2.3a Search device
H. iPlod Charger thingie ... (Oh THAT's where it is!)
I. McDonagh Travelling painting kit (or placcie bag to the rest of the world)
J. PADs (Paint Application Devices)
K. Indication of rather too much boredom on a wet winter afternoon
L. Pile of books awaiting full text index creation
M. ILUG Green Hat ontop of ILUG Bag ontop of older Ilug bag

It is my mess and I love it!

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