Monday 20 October 2008

The Chums that share my workspace

I am sure we all have little friends that live on our desks were we work. So here in a "grumpy old man" annex to the "this-is-where-I-work-picture" meme here are my desk dwelling chums.This is "Pus Bucket" he is my coding geek teddy to whom I swear and cuss when I forget the "new" in Dim Session as NotesUIWorkspace. He can swear fluently in 5 languages (not including teddy bear) and doubles as a ICBM (Inter Cubicle Ballistic Missile) and a guard bear should the need arise and the proles in operations get to frisky and try to steal my highlighters!!

And this chap is iDjDog who chooses my listening for the day. If you wind him up he leaps in the air and lands with sufficient force to ping the iPlod. His personal music preference is "New-Wave -Death-Happy-Acid-Metal-Funk-TexMex-Fusion" so sometimes I do smack him on the arse and rub his nose in some Marilyn Manson.

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