Monday 9 June 2008

You may love them or loath them DO NOT ignore them.

Let me say two things

a) I hate the iPhone - I am middle aged, fat and about as "hip" as a turd in a swimming pool almost by definition I have to hate the bloody thing.

b) I have signed the petition here so that Apple perhaps takes notice of Domino and if you are a Dominoista I urge you to do the same.

Now for those of you surprised by this dichotomy. There is one simple reason I am falling in line and voting for the iPhone. The reason is this, that lump of shiny-must-have-ery is because it is very, very popular and I have no doubt it will cause it's competitors many sleepless nights.

We in the Domino world are at liberty to loath it but we ignore it at our peril. If to have an iPhone becomes an ipso facto badge that defines you as an Exchange user then it becomes set in the mind of all those folk in the shiny suits,nice tie and BMW 7-series parked outside "that" golf club that Exchange is better than Domino.

SO GO SIGN THE PETITION! Here is the link again

IBM are at worst guilty of a wee bit too much hype pre-LS of something "exciting" with the iPhone being imminent but at the end of the day the iPhone is Apple's baby. Apple have chosen the M$ bed rather than ours, so tis Apple, we the potential users, need to be directing our ire at.
DWA-ul is great but it is not "of the iPhone" and that is, i think , the crux of the problem. There are missing bits... address sync support, iCal support etc etc and these are important, (probably vital) but DWA will like the curates egg be partly good and partly bad, but as a result entirely spoilt by not having the cachet of being "proper" iPhone app.

So please go to the Petition above and sign it.. go to Grehawks' post, visit the alternate ways of making your voice heard and do it, do it now!

Please do not complain to Ed or the other IBM'ers, they know already! Apple perhaps doesn't know how many of us there are and how many of us are getting peeved!

Oh and I still hate iPhones!

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