Monday 30 June 2008

Adobe pushes Acrobat into Multimedia and challenges a little bit of the Domino world

Geeky followers here is something to have a play with if you are bored. Adobe9 (currently beta and due for gilding in July) introduces flash integration, portfolios and hosted collaboration services. I used to hate PDF it was "printer monkey" world and I spent long enough there in the early 80's. My dislike a side PDF has become fairly pervasive. Open Office exports documents to PDF, M$ Orrifice does it with a free add on (soon I am told to changed to there as standard) But now your 'umble PDF will be able to hold Video!...

I sensed 10,000 notes Mail Admin's buttocks clench there at the thought of the potential increase in mail size and how will we weed out ordinary PDF's from someone trying to sneak "Lavidious Linda Licks Loins III"
onto the corporate network by calling it Quarter_4_Returns.pdf .. sure without things like that the world would be a boring place. This is where Adobe's new hosted collaborative service comes in. You can find here it is beta it is free and you get 5gb of space to fill up with documents you create with BUZZWORD their online Word Processor or with file formats. CONNECTNOW is the other tool and is like a Sametime web conference. I have had a play with BUZZWORD and it is Google.Docs in a party frock with a hint of potential excitement once the kids are in bed.

Go have a play ... it is interesting and the design (all flash) is excellcent

I think it will, given the inroads the PDF format has made into our IT lives, yet more people a glimpse of the value what Web 2 and Enterprise 2 is capable of.

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