Sunday 22 June 2008

Back From Myrtle Beach

I have returned from the rather hot , but pleasant environs of Myrtle Beach, USia. Where whilst everything did not according exactly to plan. the general consensus that V8 was "kewl" and ".. when can I have it?". What was purely an application server up until now has been upgraded to V8 and a pilot team of users have been moved from "LookOut" to Notes and are giving it a "good seeing to" (as they say in Norn Iron). So for the only negative comment has been "ohh I can't drag and drop the addresses on an email like I could in ....." and if memory serves this has been addressed in 8.5

Other things I learned

American beer from micro brewers is good stuff!

There is a famous American pop-singer called Jimmy Buffet and he has lost his salt shaker- Who knew?

There is a pale green drink called a "Margaretta" which is very popular but needs salt to make it taste nice.. or so i am told. Hence the aforementioned Mr Buffet's inconsolable sadness at being bereft of salt shakers.

It is considered impolite to laugh at the "No concealed firearms" sign outside iHop.

There is a legal requirement for Pancake Houses to a have a beachwear shop on at least one side.

Almost the entire GDP of Myrtle Beach can be measured in TeeShirts, shorts, pancakes and beer.

Southern USian business meetings are basically 2 hours of Northern Ireland content which in America elongates to 2 days (eddy in the space time continuum perhaps? or more simply we heathen Northerners have to move faster to keep warm).

America ladies who say "You are cute ... you look like Shrek ... but you are cute"
are basically lulling you into a sense of security so they can metaphorically knee you in the nuts.

Hip Hip hooray and trice hooray! for Air Conditioners apart from the one in room 503 of the Hilton on Broadway at the Beach. Which had two settings ARTIC and ABSOLUTE ZERO and no noticeable OFF switch. This meant enduring the odd experience of wearing socks and PJs in bed whilst the outside temp was 90-100 degrees. I do love a good juxtaposition, but REALLY???

Back to work tomorrow ~sigh~

Time for a Coffee methinks

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