Tuesday 10 June 2008

Winkling to replace Replication and Synchronisation

T'was at ILUG that Marybeth told us that there was a certain level of confusion vis a vis Replication and Synchroisation cos one was not the other and vice a versa. Now ILUG is in the top 10 of the greatest assemblages of the biggest and best brains in the world. Now when those aforementioned brains come together with Guinness strange synergistic processes are released. It was in one such accidental discharge of genius that Marybeth's problem was resolved by myself and the Chapman Stick welding Thor of the Dominio world.. No more would we replicate .. no more would we Synchronise.. henceforth we would


Help desk ops will now have to ask "Have you winkled today" and "Was is a long winkle?" or "Go to you Winkleator page and click the Winkle button"

This has the advantage of being VERY memorable, users will be happy to Winkle regularly as it is a HAPPY word!

Admins will have Winkle-icks rather than Replication Conflicts to sort out

Ahhh the world will be such a nice place were we all Winkle our way to collaborative heaven.

Also in a secondary after shock of genius Ben has proposed that "Developing Domino Java apps in Eclipse" should be shortened to "Ferkeling" which will be developed in a side project in the near future!


Pedro said...

lol hooray for the winkle!

ulrich krause said...

uh, what will happen if I say this to a customer in our german office?
I probably get slapped!

Have you winkled today? muuuaaaahhhh

Steve McDonagh said...

Indeed Horrah and thrice Hurrah for the Wonderful Lotus Winkle! :-)

But they would smile and buy LOADS of stuff from you and if it doesnt work you can blame this weird Irishman you met in Dublin

Vitor Pereira said...

...you can blame this weird Irishman you met in Dublin

Which one?

Steve McDonagh said...

@ Vitor Probably best not to mention names as any of us will do ..

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