Saturday 7 June 2008

ILUG 2008 - Self Confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings

Gentle Reader

This author is recently returned from his second sojourn to the "big smoke" to that wonderfully joyous explosion that is was and will be the annual Irish Lotus User Group conference.

The title of this post is a quote from Samuel Johnston that (a) underlines that I can on occasions be both erudite and witty when totally sober and (b) because it is so patently true!

I am loathe to pick out any of all the men,women and bunnies involved as they all combined to prove once again that it is possible to put on an event that is relaxed, informative and most of all fun! There is a throb to the event that remains constant over the years which for most if not all attendees will echo in their professional lives for a long time .... so to all the organizing team, sponsors and speakers... WELL DONE! A-PLUS , GOLD STAR, you are a resource beyond value to the notes ecosystem.

This year had 4 strands of sessions, which it has to be said meant that I didn't get to see all the ones I wanted to see. But those I did get to were all excellent.

Lets see some of the high points from the sessions I did attend. I have to say a big well done to Ben Poole and Mark Myers! Who managed to keep me awake with their "debut" session. Even if Ben was dressed far to respectably. However from the back row, where there was a critical mass of McDonaghs (Me and Rob) Had be worn a white coat there would have been a striking resemblance to "Beaker" or perhaps that was just something that crept into my mind because of the title of their session. Regardless of muppet references they managed to fill their session interest and humour ;-)

Mary-Beth on Notes 8.5 -- those Quickr pen drives smart, I must remember to wear a helmet during her perambles, that aside v8.5 looks to be making most of the right noises and a few more unexpected interesting ones.

Paul and Warren almost achieving the impossible and getting "Traveller" working only being beaten by a recalcitrant Orange Phone.

Duffbert giving me food for thought in his "plumber to painter" session, my apps will have to become better looking now! Oh and I even came a way with a really interesting book on CSS thanks to Duffbert's "Book Pushers"

Mary-Beth (again) and Andrew on Live-Text and Widgets .. this added to Julian "composite application" Robichaux speed-geeking session will provide much grist to the McDonagh Application Mill in the next few weeks.

Rob Novak on Dojo - fantastic .. much to chew over in the next few days!

Speed-geeking - Awesome and humbling to discover that Julian can speak for 5 minutes without apparently drawing breath AND his wife didn't bat an eyelid! Perhaps she knows his secret breathing orifice?

Speed-sponsoring - Marvelous! Truly marvelous! Sales People getting to the point QUICKLY!

Coatsie - What can one say? Balloon Animals and Toasted Bagels with microwaved cheese @3am a genius!

Bill Buchan whose previously undiscovered talent for Alien's effigy construction
allowed for the in absentia FUTILE exorcism of Francie to be completed under the gaze of a Notes Geek Moon. Bill's construction kinda looked a bit like someone we all know called Ed OR had we had Duffber's "Standard Big Red Plunger" a dalek ..... you really had to be there .. and if you were I do apologise)

So ILUG thanks for the opportunity to learn loads of new stuff, to rekindle old friendships and forge new ones, ooooh and to have a really great time..


See you all next year!

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