Wednesday 19 January 2011

LS11 Buzzword Bingo Download ** Available **

OK all you Lotusphere 11 Attendee's I have been passed this by that well known Domino personality, sage, armadillo wranger and jQuery Ninja  Noel Tostus (aka "The Loosest Nut"). He at present has little or no access to the internet as he is contemplating deep and wonderous thoughts about "the cloud" while sat on a Yak high on a mountain in Nepal.

Whilst deep in thoughts of a Lotus Live and google-ish nature he noticed that there were some phrases that lept unbiden to his mind. After due consideration he realised that these phrases had been planted there in the fertile fields of his imagination by the multitude of IBM Product managers he had come across in his daily doings in the Lotus world.

This was one of those EUREKA moments, he leapt from his yak and reached for his Mac Book Pro and sculpted for you the LS11 Product Manager Buzzword Bingo!!

01. Click here to download the PDF
02. Print off a copy for yourself and perhaps a couple of copies for your chums.
03. Have a chat to some Product Managers, attend The "Ask the Product Manager" session
ASK102 Ask the Product Managers
Speaker: Miscellaneous
SW 5-10 - Thursday  11:15am - 12:15pm
04  When one of the Phrases comes up mark it off
05. When you get a line Horizontal / Vertical / Diagonal Tweet "LS11 BuzzWord BINGO!!!!"

There are no actual prizes as such other than the admiration of your colleagues and that warm feeling of having achieved something in the greater scheme of things

Oh and ENJOY LS11! !!

**UPDATE** Download file has been changed to reduce offense

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