Wednesday 19 January 2011

"It is a Small Lotus World" LS prize draw is open to EVERYONE not just LS11 attendees!

Well we are down to the final days before the annual bun fight in Orlando beings. As usual yours truly will be watching the goings on from afar. One of these years I shall be there to join in and bring a sense of "proper" Dominoyesmaybe chaos to the occasion.

Even though I cannot be there I want to remind folks of the "It is a small Lotus World"  draw arranged by Bruce Elgort and the lovely chaps from the London Developer Co-Op which is happening at UKLUG Nite at Lotusphere on Monday 01 Feb in Shulas  bar at 8pm.

Now even if you are not at LS11 or cannot get a ticket or are doing something else that means you cannot get to the UKLUG bash you can still buy a ticket and potentially win one of the prizes that are on offer.and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world!

There are several Lotus Themed Prizes.

First up the lads of the LDC commissioned a piece from "Army of Trolls" called "It's a Small Lotus World"
This amazing piece of art has 100's of visual links to Lotus people and companies and would be a fantastic addition to any office or study wall.

There are not 1 but 4, yes 4!!! beautifully framed prints up for grabs (2 12"x18" prints and  2 11"x14") being given to winners.

Then Mr Sametime himself Carl Tyler has manufactured some webcam clothing  which will be awarded to some lucky winners.

Incredibly useful addition to any geek's wardrobe for those Web Conferences where you really really want to be naked but can't be.

Lastly my own offerings. I have done 3 Lotus Themed drawings pictures, which I have left unframed so you can do with them as you wish.

Sgt Brill's Lonely Lotus Band
The Lands Of the Lotii Map
An "Original" UKLUG 11 Poster

Now why are we doing this? Simple - to raise some cash for the Children's Cancer Association (CCA).a charity that gives support to seriously ill children and their families and is a charity close to the hearts of Bruce and Gayle Elgort and one that I, the chaps at LDC and Carl are proud to support in what ever way we can :)

OK So how can you get your hands on these goodies?

Simple jump over to this page and make a $10 .. yes JUST $10 donation and your name will be entered in the draw. You can buy as many tickets as you want and you can enter even if you are not going to LS or UKLUG !

Alternately you can grab Matt White, Mark Myers, Julian Woodward, Carl Tyler, Bruce Elgort or the ever lovely Gayle Elgort at LS any time before Monday evening and give them your name and $10 (or more!) for a ticket to this once in a life time opportunity to grab some unique Lotus Community stuff and be the ENVY of all your colleagues.

So come on dig down behind the sofa for the lost chnage or rob your piggie banks of $10 and get a ticket now. Remember this draw is open to anyone from wherever you happen to be and it is for a really really good cause :-) and we all THANK YOU for the donation it will make a lot of difference :-)

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