Friday 8 May 2009

NW200 only a week away - any Noterati around join us for some beer and bikes

Well it is only a week away.. this time next week 100,000 -> 150,000 people will either be on their way or will have arrived in Coleraine for the 80th anniversary of the North West 200 road races. The NW200 is one of the premier motorcycling road racing race meetings, along with the Isle of Man TT the Ulster Grand Prix, Manx Grand Prix and Macau

The main differences between the NW200 and say the British MotoGP or World Superbikes is that the NW200 is that it is (a) run on public roads and (b) is free to attend. The race supports itself with sale of programmes, admission to the pits , car parks and sponsorship. Sort of open source motorcycling. ;-)

The NW200 course is one of the fastest racing circuits in the world .. on some of the straights speeds in excess of 200mph are captured in the speed trap.

The first practice sessions start on Tuesday, and if we get half the racing we got last year it will be a brilliant day!

This year Chris Coates and Bill Buchan are joining me and if there are any Notesy/Domino in the area on Friday or Saturday, drop me an email (my address is on the left) and lets get together for a beer.

Here is a taster of what to expect.. this is the first superbike race from last year.

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