Wednesday 6 May 2009

Friends Reuinted's mail bots have been smoking aardvark poo!

After well over 18 months of silence .. the robots at Friends Reunited sent me an email and this was in it ....
Why not indeed? Well ...
[1] I have no fecking clue where Puxley is, somewhere in Englandshire I would imagine.
[2] The Coleraine High School was and establishment for young Ladies
[3] The Irish Society Primary School was on the other side of the river, and we all know what they get up to over there!.

But the last two.. EH? Have they been smoking aardvark poo? Do I look like someone that would drive a Tank? Where on earth did they get that from? Coleraine is not well known for all the tanks and tankophiles within it's borough limits. Infact when a tourist remarked only last week, "were the feck are all the tanks?" I had to disabuse them of the idea that the Coleraine Saturday Farmer's market was more likely to be replete with culshies (rustic types) than awash with tanks.

I think I may sign on once again to Friends Reunited and start a new location just so that it can randomly appear on peoples "why don't you join...." list.

Perhaps the

"1st Coleraine cadre of the Illuminati"
"The 3rd Irish Battalion of Military Chiropodists and Altletic Support cleansers"
"The society for people who giggle when you mention Philip K Dick"
"St Justinians Primary school for the indigenent children of parents who can't pass a dandelion clock without blowing it"
"The Ulster Enormous Cock (stop tittering at the back we are talking of male chickens) society"

Other suggestions gratefully received.

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