Sunday 22 February 2009

One of our number needs a wee hand

Draw near and open your ears Dominoista's and Noterati for one of our number needs a wee hand with something in her community.

Francie Tanner of Udder Chaos and lately of Anguilla, which for those not in the know is a "not very big" island in the Caribbean. Whilst a paradise for goats, cats and transient Notes Bods on their holidays being "not very big" comes with it's own set of problems, not least being a chronic shortage of bananas.

The great Anhuillan Banana Shortage is not the problem on this occasion it is rather more serious and it is a real worry for Francie and the other Angulliotes and it concerns the continued status of one of their schools ... The Teacher Gloria Omololu Institute

Now I am very keen on the idea that our children are our future and it really doesn't matter where the children are, collectively they are the world that is to come and the more educated they are the less likely they are to make a big a pigs ear of the whole sheebang as we seem to be doing.

In the world just now there are lots of demands on our cash but if you can spare even a couple of bucks and sponsor a brick or buy a raffle ticket which it has to be said has a really whizz bang super duper cracker of a prize, take a moment to click on the school's site link and put your credit card to good use. ;-)

The wee folk of Anguilla will be very grateful if you do

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