Friday 20 February 2009

Creme Eggs - the scandal!

Dearest assembled geeks, geekettes and nerds of the associated and allied trades!

I am DISGUSTED and outraged at the scandal of the shrinking Creme Egg. As a callow youth I remember creme eggs as being much more substantially sized and only cost 3d (thats 1.5p to you young whipper snappers).

This is the situation the world finds itself in yellow and white centred microcosm, the men with Ex-Hell spreadsheets and their pencils neatly arranged on a tidy desk have gradually over the years scrimped and nipped and tucked the majestic creme egg from it's once majestic glory into the modern shadow of it's former self.

Yes J'accuse those second cousins of bankers, accountants, for tis with them that this crime lies!

Above a creme egg being delivered circa 1965 cost thruppence weight 14 hundredweight

The creme egg today a shadow of it's former self you can fit 2 on your hand for goodness sake!


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