Sunday 17 June 2007

Web Views Using AJAX Part 6 The Agent

Right, after a week off I was back at the code-mill and have managed to get some data back from my sever in some semblance of what I want. Effectively an agent is called that returns the JS that will build the JS notesView object infrastructure (headers style etc)

I have written JS Debug routine that displays the returned data ... see the piccie above (click it for a better view). This data comes from the successfully created JS notesView Object. The code of which was returned from the agent

The NSF so far can be downloaded here
Just download it , sign it, sign it again, pop it on a V6 or better server and goto

The Page has the YAHOO JS libraries embedded required to do an AJAX connection. I wont
go into the detail here as YAHOO provide excellent help text to the API. But it is easy and if you need some guidance let me know.

Expect an update tomorrow where the headers are actually built on the web page from the JS object that is returned from the VR_VIEW agent.


Rob McDonagh said...

I'll be damned! (yes, I know, most likely so)

It's another McDonagh blog in the world. I'm not sure they're ready for two of us.....

Steve McDonagh said...

thanks captain! Sure the world is not just ready it NEEDS more McDonaghs. For tis only thru the goodly works of our clan can we make the world a better place... :) Opps hope my analyst doest read this he thinks my megalomania is all better

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