Friday 8 June 2007

Conundrum #1

If a hole and a doughnut had a conversation about the difference between nothingness and emptiness what would they conclude?


Richard Schwartz said...

When filled with Bavarian Cream, a hole is still a hole, but emptiness is no longer empty. If nothingness, however, were to be filled with Bavarian Cream, that would prove that it was in fact not nothingness at all. Rather, it was somethingness, and it is now something elseness.

My philosophical research has now exceeded my caloric intake quota for the day, therefore whether or not these results generalize to jelly and other doughnut fillings is left as an exercise for the reader.

Steve McDonagh said...

Hmmm not being familiar with "bavarian cream" as either a culinary masterpiece or embrocation... I will choose to treat it like the doughnut's hole, in that it is nothing wrapped in emptiness. :)

Richard Schwartz said...

Well, it turns out that what we refer to as "Bavarian Cream" in our doughnuts is not in fact the true article. The facts can be found here
Thus, it seems that it is really a deception wrapped in emptiness.

Steve McDonagh said...

indeed to misquote Leo Stein
“A hole is an emptiness filled with the insistence of a german inspired swiss (or french) custard"

Hmmmm a whole new school of philosophical thought opens ... NeoCustardism ... the first tenet of which would be...Our greatest pretenses are built up not to hide the jelly and the fruit preserves in us, but our custardiness. The hardest thing to hide is something that is not there.

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