Wednesday 6 June 2007

Web Views using AJAX Part 1

Several of the sessions @ ILUG 2007 were on the use of AJAX with Domino. I have been playing with AJAX for a couple of months and I was getting a bit lost up my own jaxie. However it all seems slightly clearer now so I have started experimenting and this is a record of the experiment!

Out of all the frameworks available DoJo, Prototype etc I choose the Yahoo UI for no other reason other than it seemed to have the best online help, (that and I liked the name).

For my example I worked out that i needed the Connection.js, Event.js and Yahoo.js script libraries. So these were pulled into my example NSF as Javascript Script Libraries.

I then created some test data ... (a form that stores information about books in my library) and a couple of views both categorised and flat. The the fun began...

I created a page that would hold my AJAX view(s) and then I started to plan ... my code would have to have :
  • minimal impact when adding web views to a page or form.
  • both FLAT and CATEGORISED view capabilities.
  • the strength to cope with large views (1000+ docs).
  • the capability to display multiple views on the same page or form.
  • the ability to "skin" each view with it's own style.
  • be able to read and interpret the notes design of the view for uniformity of experience.
I don't like long lists and this one was starting to scare me so I stopped there for a bit more
of a think

More from the code-mill later....

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