Friday 8 June 2007

More Heresy from the Evangelical Agnostic

Ho Hum, the weekend again so it is time for another EA rant.
The Title of this one is...
"dearly beloved god gave you a mind use it or your CHURCH will do your thinking for you".
oops no thats a sermon for another day.... when I am really neurked by the God-Botherers and Tooth Fairy-ites.

This rant was inspired by the fact that Pope "Bendydick" cannonised our first Irish Saint for a long long time. Blessed Charles of Mount Argus has been hanging around in the saints green room since he popped his saintly clogs (he was born Dutch) in 1893. He got his "Blessed" in 1988 by JPII and now he is the full monty, a REAL saint who can become in the fullness of time a "Patron"

I wonder what he will be the patron saint of .... carburettors perhaps or those strange "splorks" you get at BBQs... you know the thing half spoon half fork.. yes the patron saint of splork-use has a certain cachet. I wouldn't mind being the Patron Saint of Splork-Use.. or perhaps the Patron of non-offensive body odour ? Hmmmm

havent we enuff saints? No-one seems to know how many.. some say 10,000 others 3,000 but HEY you can never be too thin, too rich or have too many saints!

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