Sunday 9 September 2012

HTC One X Battery Life Improvement

Gentle Readers - I love my HTC One X, have done since the day I got it. Fast, good screen, I can read it without glasses and zero app failure since I got it in April.

The only slightly down thing was battery life but this is true of many of the full function smartphones when used in anger. In it's defense I would said that it is a BIG lump of a thing and I do use GPS when dandering and a 3 hour dander with GPS on sucks the life out of a battery faster than a thirsty Ulsterman drinks his Guinness.

Now I recently pulled down the combined 4.0.4 version of Android, the 4.1 version of HTC Sense and the 4.23 of the HTC SDK API and updated the phone. BOY was I surprised!!!

Normally my trusting Powerbee accompanies me when out dandering and I expect to be walking for more than 10 miles as it would normally run out of power at or arroun 3.5 hours. I normally trim the phone down to only have the GPS & CARDIOTRAINER running ensuring that WiFi and Mobile Data are turned off and the phone is not looking around to do stuff that I do not need it to do and even with all that I would still be pushing it to get a 3 hour dander and still have more that 10% battery left.

So I was very pleasantly surprised with the first dander after the upgrade, I did all my usualy stuff and set off from Bray to Wicklow with the Lotus Luminaries Carl Tyler and Eileen Fitzgerald. After 4 hours of dandering I looked at the phone to see if it needed the powerbee and low and behold the battery indicator was STILL showing 70%!!

Ye Godz and small piscean beings!

What would have been usually >10% left was now 70% so I dandered on and checked every so often to see what the battery power was like. I took a couple of photos and checked my mail when sitting for a coffee so the battery was hit with a higher than normal dandering usage. It was only after 6.5 hours of continuous GPS enabled dandering that I got the BEEP for >14% left and the powerbee was attached.

That is a 100% improvement on dandering battery improvement!

I kinda wrote that off as a one off, but I have done 2 long danders since and got similar results

That for me is a job well done by someone in Android and/or HTC world, I suspect it may be HTC

Thank you HTC!

Now about the mail client .. can you give me back a SELECT ALL option cos that was really useful and you took it away ?

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