Tuesday 24 November 2009

Wee tip about automated agents that produce M$ word or Powerpoint documents

If you have a scheduled Domino agent (either local or server) that produces a Wurd or PowerPoint(less) and you suddenly start to see "automation errors" appear... start Wurd or PowerPoint(less) and turn off spelling and grammer checking.

Took me ages to figure out what was going on ... Wurd and PowerPoint(less) will send a message if you are running interactively saying something along the lines of  "You are a really crap speller and I have stopped because there are so many mistakes and I really think it is pointless going on" ..and if you run your agent asd a scheduled agent these alert boxes never appear :-(

This started happening when the Wurd/PowerPointless was upgraded to the 2007 version, so I assume that in this version the spelling and grammer checker gets all Prim and Proper about content unless you go into the options and turn the damn thing off.

The spelling mistakes were on corporate part numbers!

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