Friday 6 November 2009

My Cousin Andy on stage, on CD an in Print

Just back from the "big smoke" (or Belfast if you prefer) where my cousin Andy White orginally from Belfast has just launched his book to a crowd of native Norn Ironer's including myself.

I am just home with the new CD and Book and both are worth a listen and a read.. You can find details and a few tracks over on his web site.

You can find the CD "Songwriter" on amazon but there  is only 1 left!!! It is not on iToons yet , but keep and eye open if you like your music thoughtful, melodic and with good lyrics Cousin Andy is just the ticket!

The Book is called "21st century Troubadour" (and is a damn good read!!!) and isnt available on line as far as i can see but you can get it off his website (i think)

Here is his last Video If you want it sung with Allison Russell from the Canadian Band Po'Girl

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