Sunday 30 November 2008

Two useful tools for IE web devs

I was joined by "Wild" Bill Buchan this weekend for a spot of iSeries Geekery, Guinness,champ and Harbour Bar frolicary but more of that later.

Whilst Bill was saying "oh my life" and having pointer size issues. I did a couple of wee changes to some CSS on an app that was having IE issues. I am sure you know the type, looks fine in FF, Safari, Opera but goes tits up in IE. Now I have been using 2 wee tools that helps me with such things. Bill had not come either tool and suggested I throw it out to the web dev horde.

I am as I am sure you all are users of Firebug in FF and long for a similar product for IE. Well Companion.JS from the very nice people at MyDebugBar is a free product that "faces" the Microsoft Script Debugger in a very Firebug way. Full install instructions can be found at the link above, oh and did i mention it is free :-) we here at DYM like free! Free is good!

The other tool comes from the same crowd and is called "My Debug Bar" and although you have to pay for it, you can download it try before you buy.
Summary of features
* Menu to customize the DebugBar and check updates.
* Toggle the Development bar
* Alert on javascript errors
* Send page screenshot by email
* Color picker
* Resize IE window
* Zoom page
* View source code
* View MSHTML integrated ActiveX source code
* View HTML DOM Tree
* View original ad interpreted source code
* View tab attributes
* Edit tab attributes
* View HTTP and HTTPS headers
* View page cookies
* Validate html code for main page and frames/iframes
* List all javascript functions
* View javascript function code
* Execute javascript code in the currently loaded page
* Get information about currently loaded page

Now it doesn't debug JS (Companion.JS does that) but it does have a real whiz bang DOM inspector.. you can drag the inspector onto the browser pane point it at an element and get all the details about it. The CSS the element has (and has inherited)
for finding the source of those annoying glitches that make your web page look like shite it is invaluable. The HTML checker is pretty cool too and I use it frequently

Like I said previously you have to pay for MyDebugbar and it is 59 euros and if you do a lot of IE development this tool will pay for itself very quickly.

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