Thursday 6 November 2008

Name Picker V2.0.0 started

I recently got two messages on OpenNTF informing me that there was a bug in the multiple selection section code of my AJAX Name Picker and after some checking indeed there is! I had made a fairly minor change in a bit of what I was "sure" was unrelated JS and managed to duplicate all the data in an array. So sure was I that it was fine I didn't test all 3 types of name picker ~hangs head in shame~ I really should know better!

Anyway, it was a bit of code I wrote back in 2006 and as such it is starting to look a wee bit tired (as well as buggy). So I have started tarting it up and foremost amongst the changes will be that it will be a JS class NP_object and you will need only to instantiate a Name Picker object on the form onload event to create a Name picker that can be used anywhere on the form by attaching it to a form object event.

This evening I wrote the "injection" mechanism that creates and adds the Name Picker objects to your form/page's DOM. The default picker (single selection popup) looks like this and is fully drag and dropable.
So to the 2 people that are waiting for my fix to Name Picker V1, please be patient rather than fix the bug in the current release. You will be getting a "fully" tested newer version hopefully with more features.

I hope to also release this as a Google Desktop widget to allow your users to be able to get vCard like information from your PAB without the need to have the notes client active, but more on that later.

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