Monday 26 November 2007

Name Picker - Todays notes

I had to do two quick changes on Name Picker today (Monday)

Change 1 (version 1.0.1)
Added a type ahead lookup that behaves similarly to the google seach tool bar suggestions
so in V1.0.1 you get :

Change 2 (version 1.0.2)
Had to do a bug fix forgot to put in some URL smoothing for when the document is opened
from one of those hideous Domino 1235434564565678/2342346346454564?opendocument
links. Feel a tad stupid for not seeing or testing for this.

Surprise surprise not only has the thing been downloaded 37 times and not once by me but someone has given it 5 stars! If you are reading this.. THANK YOU!!!!! Much appreciated :-)

Version 1.2.0 is well underway. The main change being the MULTIPLE Select which is working
but looks crap for the moment. The To List for tomorrow is

  1. To put some form of abort on the (T)ypeahead, perhaps a click outside the select
  2. How to display multiline in a span-span tag when a hidden field is updated.
  3. When does domino change an input to a textarea and why doesn't it change back?
  4. How will I pick up on the what the field is?
  5. Can i dynamically change an input to a textarea and back to an input?
all things are possible :-)

More tomorrow.

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